Review Of The Hixton Travel Plaza Restaurant


About Hixton Travel Plaza (also known as H.W Travel Plaza) Sorry, I have no hours left for the restaurant at this time. The Hixit Grill is on an adjacent street, next to a parking lot, but the food seems to be just fine. I will admit that I did enjoy the atmosphere.

My wife and I were dining at the Hixit Grill before heading to our annual family vacation. It’s located in the Hixit Marketplace, on the right as you enter. It wasn’t really crowded, but we didn’t feel like we were being treated well. It wasn’t the best choice for a first date or for the kids. We’ll probably try it out during our next trip.

One of my favorite things about the Hixit Grill was that the place has a nice patio. We enjoyed that and several other things about the restaurant. The service was okay, although we felt as though we were being rushed through the meal. It was definitely worth a look. My wife ordered the Macaroni and cheese and my three-year-old loved it.

My wife and I also shared the shrimp and grits at the Hixit Grill. The shrimp was fresh and the grits had a nice texture. It’s not often that you get fresh shrimp in a restaurant. The place wasn’t crowded, so we didn’t feel crowded either.

Overall, the menu is fairly priced and the quality is good but not the best we’ve had. That’s probably because it wasn’t the first time we’ve been there. The staff was courteous and efficient.

We won’t be coming back anytime soon, but it was a good place to go to while on vacation with the kids. I can say that we are glad we tried it out. I’m looking forward to trying more of their food at another place. In the meantime, we’ve got plans to go to the Lake County Fair, Grand Rapids and the State Fair.

My wife and I will definitely be coming back to the Hixit Grill. Our children also really liked the food. The atmosphere was good and we enjoyed our visit. The employees were very courteous and efficient.

When we’re back home, we’re planning to do a little more research on the Hixit Grill. We’re interested in what kind of food they serve there, the food selection and the overall decor. If we can get an email address for the person who works there, that would be great. As for now, we’ll have to find a different place to enjoy our meals while waiting for our next vacation. to arrive.

My wife and I will definitely be back to the Hixit Grill in the future. We’ll update this review if anything new comes up. since we’re still a little curious about what else is offered at the restaurant.

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