How To Get To James Bond Island – Phuket

How To Get To James Bond Island - Phuket

The beautiful Andaman Sea is full of natural wonder. Its islands are home to a diverse collection of marine wildlife, exotic coral reefs and unique land plants. Many first time visitors to the islands to visit James Bond Island, which is Thailand’s largest. You will see the same lush tropical forests, secluded sandy beaches and crystal clear water that you would find on the mainland, but there are a few key differences.

For visitors interested in how to get to James Bond Island, Thailand offers three different ways to get to the island. These include: helicopter | catamaran | ship | car | visit} helicopter transfers are the most popular way to get around James Bond Island. They offer a good view of the scenery and offer a unique aerial perspective of this stunning island paradise. To make your helicopter trip truly unique, hire a customised helicopter and get it serviced by a team of pilots and engineers. To make sure you have the best views and most memorable experience, choose a date and pick a helicopter from a preferred company. Booking early is advised as these choppers can fill up quickly. To make the most of your helicopter trip, hire a licensed pilot and ensure that your helicopter has all the features you want, including windows, doors, electric seats and landing lights.

Another option to consider when you visit James Bond Island is a boat ride. From Phuket’s pier you can board a boat and take to the waters for a unique underwater adventure. A variety of marine life can be seen below, including turtles, sharks, manta rays, sea horses and more.

A relatively new entrant into the world of boat trips, charters are one of the most popular ways to visit the island. To book your charter, you need to be flexible with when the charter company can leave the vessel and return to Phuket with you. If you want to go at a certain time, you should book early. If you want to go at a different time, you will need to let the charter company know. It’s also wise to bring extra clothing, extra drinks and camera, to capture the incredible underwater world of the charter boat will be exploring. Depending on the depth of the ocean, a boat tour can last up to three hours; during low tide, you can expect to take two and a half hours.

When visiting this island, you can also choose to take advantage of helicopter rides. Helicopter tours offer the most exhilarating experience because of the breathtaking scenery available from the air. There are various tour companies that operate regular helicopter rides, so it’s easy to find one that offers a tour that’s convenient and affordable. From helicopter rides over the ocean, to close encounters with endangered marine life, to a journey through the jungle, a helicopter trip to James Bond Island is an amazing experience.

A dive trip is another great way to visit this exciting island. To enjoy the water adventure, you can join a group tour that leaves from Phuket Diving Centre, located near Patong Beach. This trip takes about an hour and a half and includes a guided boat trip around the island. During your boat trip, you will see underwater scenery that’s not often seen; you will also learn how to dive safely. This experience provides a unique opportunity to see creatures you’ve never seen before, such as sea turtles and sharks.

To get to Bond Island, you can book a trip to the nearby Phuket town. You can find hotels, restaurants, and transportation all within a short walking distance. When you arrive, you will be able to take a ferry to the island. This will allow you to get to some of the more remote locations on the island, such as the underwater research center, where you can still see the underwater beauty of the area. The entire experience should be one of the best you ever have, while you explore the amazing waters of the Andaman Sea.

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