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One Piece – Book Review

The last thing I remember being in time travel, was waking up in the morning, wondering how to fix things. All of that came to an end, once luffy got the piece of Heart, became the king of the sea and was now the world’s greatest pirate.

In “Luffy Time Travel” I’m going to go through all of the time I spent with the Straw Hat Pirates. I will also go into all of the major events from their past. The first time they met, I saw Robin as she ran away with Sanji. This is my favourite moment in the series because it shows a bit of what they’re like when they first meet.

They were on their way to save the town of Enies Ex. It was an important meeting that would take place at Enies Ex, a town where Robin would go through a lot of trouble to rescue the people that she cared for. When I got to the end of the story, I didn’t care if Robin died or not, but I did hope that the whole town would be saved because Robin was the main character, so she should have been there.

When I left this part of the story, I wanted to know more about Robin. It seemed obvious to me that she had a lot more going on in her life than what we saw in the manga and anime. I was so excited to find out more, and so I went back to the original time travelling manga I read to try and figure out what would happen next.

After finishing the manga, I realised that I was missing a lot. I knew that the anime and manga were very different, and that they had something to do with the events of time travel, and a whole different side of Robin. I then went back to the original time travelling manga and picked up where I left off, just before I was transported to the past. After that, I never wanted to go back to Robin again, because I knew I would miss all of the things she did in the manga and anime.

In this one piece fanfiction, I’m going to pick up right after Robin wakes up from her dream, and decides to return to the present to stop the events from happening. As you can see, it was my favourite part of the series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.
“Luffy Time Travel – A Review of One Piece – Volume 8” by TheLoneStar

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