Sheraton Old San Juan – A Classy Choice for Your Next Vacation

Sheraton Old San Juan

The exquisite design and lavish amenities provided by Sheraton Old San Juan are truly something to behold. Located within walking distance of the world famous historic landmark of Castillo San Cristobal, the 3-star hotel provides a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. It is also just minutes away from the other popular tourist attractions and destinations. There are a number of facilities available to those staying in Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel. These include an exclusive Jacuzzi, quick check-in and free valet parking.

Located next to the popular Casa Natal Museum, the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel provides excellent access to the city’s central plaza. While here you can take in the sights of the city’s famed skyline, shopping centers and the famed Gaslamp Quarter. As part of the overall luxury experience, the hotel offers its guests a private beach which is not only popular with locals and tourists, but is a place where you can indulge in some fantastic sunbathing and other water activities.

The Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel has two restaurants. One is located in the historic center of the city, while the other one is located within walking distance of the main gate of the hotel. Both restaurants offer wonderful local cuisine, seafood, traditional Spanish delicacies, Mexican delicacies and many international dishes. These restaurants are perfect for a romantic evening or breakfast with friends, and both offer excellent value for money.

The in-room facilities at the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel are also excellent. You can easily reserve a room via the hotel’s website, which makes the booking process quick and easy. If you have special requirements such as a wheelchair or a walker, you can customise your room so that it meets your individual requirements. In addition, if you need assistance booking a wheelchair-accessible room, the hotel has accessible rooms feature which enables members of the guest family to book a room without making a reservation online. This means that if the hotel does not have rooms available which meet your requirements, then you can call the hotel directly and will be able to arrange alternative accommodation.

Another great option for accommodation in Old San Juan, is the Sheraton San Juan Hills Plaza. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, the venue is perfect for conferences and meetings due to its huge meeting space, state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, and comfortable conference chairs and furnishings. The Sheraton provides two different options for check-in, one being the “Gold” option which offers its guests the choice of selecting from a selection of five-star restaurants, whilst the “Gold” option provides the guest with a choice of three bedroom suites with king-sized beds. Both of these options offer a choice of en-suite bathrooms, master bedroom and suite bathrooms, a business centre, a conference room, and an elegant lobby lounge. If you wish to make use of the conference facilities at the venue, all you need to do is contact the front desk and ask for a check-in assistant who will check your booking details and then notify you once you have reached the property.

If you need something more personalised, then you can choose to stay at the award-winning Four Seasons Old San Juan, which has a great location. This hotel boasts two separate individual wings, each offering beautifully decorated rooms with fully-equipped modern kitchens, fully-equipped modern wardrobes, air conditioning/heating facilities, telephone numbers, meeting rooms, as well as luxuries such as whirlpool baths. Each of the four-starred hotels are equipped with a fitness centre, a swimming pool, a heated indoor pool, a health club, a restaurant, a bar, a coffee house, a restaurant, a conference room, a fitness and gym area, a swimming pool, a spa room, a bar, and an Internet connection. The hotels are also equipped with a shuttle service, a car rental service, a taxi service, a shuttle bus service, and freight services. If you’re planning to bring your family members with you on your stay, then you can opt for the hotel’s senior suite which features an on-site babysitter.

Before booking your accommodation, you need to decide upon a few important factors such as what sort of activities you wish to participate in during your stay in Sheraton Old San Juan. If you plan to travel for business, then consider whether your company requires meetings or lectures or both. Or if you have children, you may want to book rooms in the hotel’s Kid-friendly wing. Once you are clear about your requirements, you can contact the hotel directly to make your reservation or use the online reservation system offered by the hotel’s website.

The hotel offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport. The cost of transportation to and from the airport is not included in the package you book. In addition, some services like a heated swimming pool, a gym, a fitness center, a restaurant, a cafe, and a bar may be free or cost-rated. If you’re interested in staying in the Old Town, then walking to the train station and the airport is free of charge. Other local attractions around Sheraton Old San Juan include the Spanish Cathedral, San Carlos Church, San Miguel de Allende Church, Costera de San Carlos, Plaza de la Constitucion, and several tourist attractions.

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