Sta Travel Insurance – Are You Getting Cheaper?


Where can I find a cheap, yet reputable, Sta travel insurance policy? That depends on what you’re looking for in a policy, and it’s important to know how much you’ll be paying for the policy as well.

How much will my Sta travel insurance from Sta cost? Sta states that its single trip travel insurance typically costs from 37p per day, and its multiple trip insurance from as little as 22p per day. This varies depending on an individual quote for an individual over the age of 25, on either a Budget European single travel policy or a Premier European annual multi trip policy. These rates do not include any additional policies, you may already have.

Is this insurance for multiple trips? Most people will only need to carry out one trip with their insurance policy. This could be for business, leisure, or even for a honeymoon. However, if you will be carrying out multiple trips in the same year then there are additional policies you’ll need to take out. However, most insurance companies will cover these trips for a set price at a minimum.

Are there any restrictions on my Sta insurance? While you’re travelling abroad, it’s inevitable that there will be some travel risks, such as getting lost or having an accident. You should check with your insurance company on the types of risks they are likely to encounter, as these may affect how much they’ll charge you. If there are no risks then you should probably be fine. If you’re travelling internationally, then you should get as much insurance as you need to protect yourself and your belongings. A cheap, reputable insurance company will cover the risks that you have while you’re travelling.

How long is my Sta travel insurance for? Many people choose to take out a policy for a period of about six months. This gives you plenty of time to plan your holiday in advance and also gives you enough protection that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs, replacements and other expenses while you’re away.

Is this insurance suitable for children under 16? Again, while most parents are happy to cover children as long as they aren’t too young to be insured, it’s important to know that some policies are only suitable for adults.

Do I have to carry out a medical check-up with my Sta policy? While it’s unlikely that you’ll have to go to the doctor every day for a check-up with your insurance provider, you’ll still need to make sure that your insurance is sufficient for any potential problems you may have.

Can I take out additional travel insurance with my insurance provider? This is something you’ll need to look into if you’re travelling overseas frequently. Usually, you can get additional policies added onto your current insurance coverage.

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