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Paula Edwards was one of the most famous models of the 1990’s. Her work appeared on numerous television shows and magazines including “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “Magazine”Inside Edition”.

Edwards was very involved with charities, particularly the United Way. She also worked for several charities in her native Ireland. Some of her most well-known charities included the Red Cross, The AIDS Foundation and The Mary Douglas Hospital. She had worked as a volunteer in many countries around the world.

Paula Edwards had been married three times and she was in the process of remarrying when her second marriage ended in divorce. She was still very much in love and she maintained an active social life by going to a variety of events.

In 2020, Paula Edwards had suffered from lung cancer and she passed away at the age of fifty. She was survived by her husband Ken Lewis.

Paula Edwards was very much into health and fitness. She was a believer in all things natural and did not drink alcohol or smoke. Her favorite foods were fish, berries, and vegetables.

The author went to see her doctor about Edwards’ lung cancer. The doctor recommended a surgery called “Endovenous Hematopoiesis” (ESH), which uses a needle to inject the medicine directly into a particular part of the lungs. The procedure is very new but has been shown to be very effective.

According to Paula Edwards travel by Jen reviews, “ESH surgery is a painless process. It has been known to cure lung cancer in less than 2 months. However, it is expensive, costing over $100,000 per session. This is why there are so few people willing to go through with it today.

The author of the Paula Edwards travel by Jen review also mentions that “There is a chance that there are several cures for Edwards’ cancer, such as chemotherapy, but most of them carry serious side effects like weight loss, hair loss and skin changes. Her family did not have money for these treatments. They would have been better off putting their savings toward getting her the medical treatment she desperately needed.” Her mother did take advantage of an endovenous hemothopoiesis treatment at the beginning of Paula Edwards’ life and survived.

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