Vampyr Fast Travel: An Overview


Vampyr is a unique new vampire game that makes use of your PC’s graphics capabilities to give you a great gaming experience. I have to admit, I wasn’t really convinced by the initial trailers for this game, and I thought it would be like another generic hack n slash game. When I actually got my hands on this game, I was instantly impressed, and I found myself dying over again just to get back to the main plot line of the game.

The game is set in England in the 14th century. A young woman named Faith has been bitten by a vampire called Valkia, who then proceeds to kill everyone she comes across. She soon begins traveling around Europe looking for a way to kill Valkia and end her attack. After following her tracks, you find out that she is going to get the help of a monk called Drakan in order to find a way to kill Valkia once and for all.

As you play the game, you begin to understand that Drakan is more than just another follower of a different religion; he is someone with a very strong sense of destiny. Drakan seems to know what’s going to happen next, which helps to make Vampyr very engrossing to play.

If you have played any other games in this genre before, then you will find that you will be able to pick up on certain things from this game very quickly. For example, a lot of people have commented that they enjoyed the game a lot simply because they have never seen any vampire games like this before. Vampyr allows you to get into the game as an actual character, rather than just another victim to be killed or saved at random.

Another thing that you will discover after playing this game is that there are a few different endings for the game. Because Vampyr was created by a game developer, he/she has the ability to create a great story line, and therefore you can find some very good endings in the game. I really liked the ending of the game where you ended up in a place where the world is in turmoil, and you have to decide between helping to bring down the evil Count Dracula or staying and doing your own part in stopping him.

As you can see, Vampyr really has the potential to become a very engrossing game. If you don’t have your PC with you on the go, then you might want to look for a good online game store to buy this one, because you may find yourself enjoying it more than you expected.

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