Britax Free Travel System – The Britax Free Traveller System


The B-free and Endeavour Travel System is specially designed for mobility, safety and convenience. The baby car seat comes with SafeCell Impact Protection, an innovative technology of protection features which work in harmony to help move energy from the baby to your car’s occupants. The car seat has a foam-lined interior shell and a quick-and-easy one-handed fold and swivel handle design to make transporting the stroller quite easy. The front and rear seat cushions have soft fabric covered pads for added comfort and convenience.

The Britax b-free and endeavour system has been created to keep you and your baby safe during every trip and is completely safe for both children and your vehicle. SafeCell Impact Protection technology reduces the risk of head, spine and pelvic injuries which may occur during transit.

The Britax car seat is available in three sizes from newborn to 12-year-old. The adjustable straps can adjust the seat to meet the needs of different sized families. The rear seat is equipped with a cup holder for easier storage. The seat adjusts easily with the seat belt buckle for maximum safety.

The Britax b-free and endeavour system are available in two versions. The free system comes with a three-wheel frame with easy to install zippers and is very lightweight and very easy to carry. The lightweight frame allows you to move the baby stroller wherever you like. The endeavour system comes with a five-point harness and is available as an attachment to your regular car seats.

A seat belt is a must and the entire baby’s car seat should be attached to your vehicle’s seat belt for safety. The baby car seat should be connected securely with the car seat belts for maximum safety and should be fastened securely using the car seat buckle for maximum safety.

A baby car seat should be fitted to the appropriate car and will fit the vehicle properly. You may need to take it back and forth to different garages in order to ensure the baby’s seat fits correctly and securely. The car seats are quite easy to install and remove.

The seat should be fitted to the appropriate vehicle’s seat belts and should be fastened securely. If the seat belt becomes loose you should call your service provider immediately and the seat should be tightened again.

When the car seats have been installed correctly you can install the Britax system and strap it to your vehicle. You can then connect the baby’s car seat to the Britax Free Traveller System and strap the baby to your car seat.

The Britax b-free travel system has a five-point harness with a five-point seat belt. The five-point harness should be fastened firmly, but it should also be relaxed to allow the baby to sit up without any interference from the seat belt.

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