Graco Verb Click Connect Travel System


The Graco Verb Clicks Travel System is designed to be a simple, convenient way to take your baby from place to place. It provides a smooth and stylish ride for the little one, whether you are taking him/her for a short drive to visit friends or for long distance travels.

The Graco Verb Connects is equipped with an innovative snap connector system that makes attaching and detaching the seat a breeze. It comes with a SnugRide Click Connect Infant Car Seat, which fits securely into the stroller’s seat cushion. The lightweight, compact stroller also has a fully padded adjustable seat and an adjustable arm rest. Its wheels swivel to allow easy steering and can also be detached for a travel trunk.

The Graco Voc-Link Stroller includes many features that make it a perfect addition to any family. It comes equipped with five-point harnesses, a rear sunshade and a front sunshade that help keep the little one comfortable on sunny days. It also includes a convenience canopy to shield the little one from the direct rays of the sun and to keep him or her safe from debris.

The stroller also features a convenient storage area underneath the seat for bags and toys. An additional storage compartment located in the seat cushion for a diaper bag or a travel accessory is also located within easy reach of the seat’s rear wheels. Finally, the Graco stroller’s canopy comes equipped with a strap lock that prevents the canopy from being accidentally pulled down during travel. The Graco Word of Mouth Safety System helps prevent the car seat from being accidentally disconnected during use and makes the ride more comfortable for you and your baby.

With features such as the Graco Verb Connect, the Graco Word of Mouth Safety System, and the convenient storage under the seat, the Graco Verb Connects is an excellent choice for families that plan to take their baby out on extended drives. There are plenty of other great features to enjoy as well, including a rain-proof storage bag.

Parents that plan to take their babies out with them have lots of options when it comes to shopping for a stroller. The Graco Click Connect is a good choice for those that want to take the hassle out of shopping by making buying the entire unit at once. However, for those that plan to use the stroller on a regular basis and want to save money on the units as well as accessories, you may want to consider purchasing individual pieces. This will allow you to purchase extras that you might not otherwise have been able to afford without paying full retail for all the accessories.

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