Team Travel Source: Travel Management Software For The Travel Agency Industry


Team Travel Source is a web-based management system used by many of the world’s leading travel companies to streamline their operations and maximize their profits. A business can have one central source of travel, from booking flights, finding accommodation to having everything else taken care of for the team members.

The Team Relationship Specialist is a key part in ensuring that all the company’s team members are taken care of on the trip and getting excellent service from the hotel(s). The team members will feel confident that they will be well taken care of as they are traveling and will be assured of the quality of food and service available at each hotel. This can mean the difference between a team member having a great time and not enjoying the trip as much as they could be.

There is the option to have a travel agency to handle all of the travel arrangements for the team members. This can ensure that the team members do not have to worry about booking a flight or finding accommodation. However, if the team members want to take responsibility for these tasks then they will need to take the initiative and book flights or find accommodations themselves.

Team Travel Source can be easily integrated into a business to ensure that the team members are well taken care of. It allows them to share information and have one central location for all the travel related tasks they have. They can use this system for booking flights and lodging, even allowing them to print out a map of where they are going and show it to the team. They can make travel reservations with the hotels they are staying in and also book travel insurance.

The system is also very user friendly and will help all the team members, book flights, get in touch with the hotel staff, make reservations and purchase travel insurance. They can use the online reservation systems as a single point of contact and book travel reservations, saving the staff a lot of time and money as well as eliminating the need to call multiple staff members at different departments. There is also the option of having travel agents contact the team for them, but this often leads to confusion. They can have one central point of contact and the travel agents can offer a range of services to them instead of trying to be everything to the team.

The system allows for flexibility in the way the team is handled, whether they are traveling or staying in a hotel. It allows the travel agents to concentrate on managing the business, rather than having to deal with the individual team members. This system is great for any business and is easy to set up, simple to use and even easier to maintain.

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