Things To Do At Las Vegas’s Casino Resorts

Las Vegas

If you’re considering heading over to Vegas soon, you maybe wondering what to do because there is so much going on in the city. The sheer amount of options at your disposal are mind blowing so you could be forgiven for not being able to decide what to do.

Naturally many would instantly find their thoughts on Vegas being directed to the hustle and bustle, the bright lights and of course the gaming options. It is a thrill to head to the casino, however, there’s much more to the city than that. But remember, we’re just scratching the surface of a place that aims to have something for everyone.

Poolside people watching

You won’t find a sky-scraping infinity pool like the famous one at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. Nor will you find meandering pools with swim-up bars like the ones at some Puerto Rico resorts. The Vegas pools however have their own charm as well as unique experiences. Some have their own beach and a lazy river for those who want to relax.

But what is there for those looking for something a little more exhilarating? How about a pool that has a tank overlooking it with sharks swimming just a few feet away? Yes, you’re reading that right, but don’t worry you don’t swim with them. Although there is a clear tube slide that goes directly through their tank! Now that is an experience to remember.

Fantastic food

Across the resorts in Vegas there are a host of options when it comes to food, from fast food to the finest dining. It really doesn’t matter what you fancy, regardless of the time of day. There’s buffets featuring some terrific eats for breakfast, although you won’t be frowned upon for making it a brunch stop instead. There’s hidden pizza restaurants, burger joints too. But if you prefer things a little more upmarket, you’re also covered. Maybe head to Wolfgang Puck at the Palazzo or at Caesars you’ll find Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant. There really is something to suit all tastes.

Games galore

Gaming is synonymous with Vegas, so it would be foolish to not mention it. Are you ready to take the applause from onlookers as you get the winning hand at the poker table? While there are other varieties of poker, playing No-limit Texas Hold’em at Caesar’s Palace is a sort of core Vegas activity — almost a bucket-list item for some travelers. That’s not discounting other card games like blackjack of course. Then there are the roulette tables and the sportsbook bars; there you’ll find ardent sports fans looking to make a buck or two from their team. There are hundreds of thousands of slot games across the resorts to choose from too. Whilst the resorts have similar options, the ambiance in each one is different. With their own themed bars and decor. From the soundtracks from the slots, the music at the bars and the cheers of the winning players, gaming in Vegas is a real unique aural and visual treat for the senses that’s for sure.

Sensational shopping

For those who prefer the material things in life, you can literally get some of the finest items in the world in Vegas. Flagship designer stores line the majority of the resorts, providing options to satisfy even the most ardent followers of fashion. The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian is an experience which whisks you away to the streets of Venice with a canal running throughout its halls. Nearby there’s also the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace which is no less opulent, its vaulted ceilings overlook stores from some of the world’s biggest names. But to add a Vegas twist, you can also catch a free animatronic show called Fall of Atlantis as part of your shopping experience. For those looking for a more sedate and familiar backdrop whilst quenching the thirst for retail therapy, head over to the Planet Hollywood resort. The Miracle Mile Shops are more akin to what you’d see at a local mall but naturally bigger. It’s Vegas after all.

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