Harry Potter Fanfiction Time Travel Redo


Harry Potter and the Time Travel Redo

One of the most popular Harry Potter fanfiction writers is known as the “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, by Alyssa A. Finnegan. She has also written a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows fanfiction, as well as a Harry Potter series entitled “Diary of a Madwoman”. Here, I will discuss a Harry Potter fanfiction that she recently wrote about the Half Blood Prince and the Chamber of Secrets.

This fanfiction takes place twenty years after the events of the Half Blood Prince, and a decade before the start of the seventh book in the series, and it is called “Harry Potter and the Time Travel Redo”. This fanfiction takes place at the time when Harry is seventeen years old.

During the course of this fanfiction, Harry’s life is thrown into chaos when he accidentally sends himself back to the twenty-first century and is faced with the same dilemma he was faced with when he was seven. He is faced with the problem of saving Lily and James Potter’s son, Albus. The problem of time travel is what causes Harry to be faced with the same dilemma he had faced when he was eleven.

In this story, Harry gets back into his time with help from Sirius Black, who is now a famous author in his own right and is working on a new book that he wants to call The Legend of the Sword. Sirius has a great deal of knowledge about ancient wizardry, and Harry realizes that if he were to get back to his time, he would have the knowledge to defeat the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, he does not have enough time to do so, and he must wait twenty years to get back to his own time.

In order to get back to his own time, Harry must travel back to an alternate version of nineteen seventy-five, which he calls his “early twenty-first century”, and he must work out what happened during the twenty-year gap between his early twenty-first century and nineteen seventy-five. This means that Harry must go back in time and change certain events in the past, and try to figure out how to undo what happened, or prevent the same events from happening. After all, Harry knows that the last time he did something that caused events to occur was when he was seven, and his parents died.

This is the premise of “Harry Potter and the Time Travel Redo”, which have received much attention from readers because of its unique premise and approach to the Harry Potter series. This fanfiction was featured in a Harry Potter fanfiction review site and has received many positive comments and reviews from readers. It also appears to be gaining popularity online as well, so there is no doubt that it will continue to be popular for a long time to come. Many readers feel that it does contain a lot of twists and turns, but it is written in such a way that it does not seem to make any major revelations.

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