Hokage Naruto – Time Travel Fanfiction


In this series of Hokage Naruto time travel fanfiction, the reader has to use his or her common sense to solve the mysteries that surround the author. This is a very entertaining and well-paced series, which contains numerous clever twists and turns in each installment.

The first chapter of this time travel fanfiction starts with the death of the previous Hokage and this leads to his son, Naruto, being placed in charge of the village until the age of eight. There, he begins to realize that the world is not quite as he imagined it to be, especially after a group of pranksters take advantage of his naivety. The reader finds out that they are plotting something very sinister to take place before they are caught and the story of the entire series takes off from there.

The author of this time travel fanfiction is able to weave a number of different time frames into this story, such as the time when the Sage of Six Paths was teaching. At the same time, he makes the reader understand why the Sage would teach the boy so late in life.

While this story focuses on the time when the sage was teaching, the reader is also told how he ended up dead, and why his son took the role of Hokage. At the end of the chapter, the reader gets to learn about a secret that was kept from the rest of the village.

There are plenty of other aspects of the time travel fanfiction, such as the plot line leading up to the end of the series. It ends on a cliffhanger, as the series finally comes to an end.

If you are a fan of the Naruto series, then I highly recommend checking out this time travel fanfiction. It contains many twists and turns and keeps you hooked for a long period of time. It is not a complete story, but is worth a read.

I know that some people think that a time travel fanfiction would have little or no impact on their lives. This is certainly not true, as this time travel fanfiction has left a lasting impression on me. I read it while watching the movie adaptation of the series and still managed to gain a new perspective on the series.

Even though I know that time travel fanfiction is controversial, it is interesting to see how many people debate its value. If you have a passion for science fiction, then I highly recommend you give this time travel novel a try. After all, it is hard to argue against the success of the series and how well it is received. No other time travel novel has ever been able to capture the world of Naruto and its fans’ imagination as well.

I can’t wait to read the next installment of this time travel fanfiction. I am looking forward to seeing how the characters of this story evolve.

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