Things to do in Rome

Things to do in Rome

If you are planning to visit Rome, then book your flight tickets by Cathay Pacific to avail the most comfortable journey. History revolves at every nook and corner of the city, and we have recommended some places for your easy reference.

Things to do in Rome

1. Colosseum:

See the Colosseum, the oval shaped amphitheatre situated at the centre of the city of Rome. Built in the 72AD under Emperor Vespasian, made from stones and concrete it was the most magnificent monument of the era. Click selfies with the great monument at the background or maybe explore the seating system having a capacity of 50,000 spectators.

2. Vatican Sistine chapel:

Plan to visit the Sistine chapel in the Apostolic palace, also the official residence of the Pope. The chapel is named after Pope Sixteen IV, and is originally known as the Cappella Magna. You can buy the skip the line tickets to enter the chapel. The famous chapel was painted by Michelangelo in the 15th If you have a love for history get indulged into the greatness of the artwork

3. Roman catacombs:

Visit the catacombs, the underground burial place displaying the skeletons and skull of millions of people dead in the past. Apart from the Christians, there are remains of roman and Jewish bodies buried in the catacombs in the 2nd century AD. The guide will explain the network of sacred tunnels associated with the first Christians in the ancient Rome.

4. Pantheon:

Visit the Pantheon, the former roman temple built in the 126AD by Emperor Hadrian. The temple was dedicated to the twelve Gods and also the living Sovran. The temple later was converted to Christianity and then named as Saint Maria. You will be amazed to see the magnificent décor formulated by the Raphael, the greatest architect.

5. Trevi fountain:

The Trevi fountain is an iconic landmark in Rome, built by the Italian architect Nicole Salvi, and is a 26.3 metres high structure. It’s known as the most famous baroque fountain in the city and one of the spectacular fountains of the world. Sit, enjoy, chill and take memoir worth photos, selfies which could be cherished throughout the life.

6. Roman forum:

Visit the Roman Forum, also known as the Forum Romanum, is a rectangular that is surrounded by the ruins of the ancient government buildings the once ruled and had great importance in the past. The earlier citizens referred to this place as forum or market place. Explore the ruins of the past while you can picturize the glorious life that used to be once.

7. Spanish steps:

Walk along the Spanish steps, which is a 135 steps and a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinita del Monti, at the top. There were generations of debate on how the step would be constructed. Several diplomats participated in the construction and has great influence in the making. Walk along the steps and feel the privilege of being at the centre of a great structure where history seems to be at a standstill.

Visit the ancient roman ruins and the vintage markets to understand more about the magnificent century and the great civilization the Romans once built.

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