Al and Chuck Travel:An Overview


A Gay Man Has Finally Experienced His Dream Cruise

A year and a half ago, Shawn Brunelle finally made his first payment towards his dream trip: an eight-day, all inclusive Mayan Adventure cruise on the Gulf of Mexico sponsored by gay-friendly travel companies Al and Chuck Travel. A gay man who had recently experienced a wedding and a civil union, and a lifelong travel fan who had been planning his own dream trip for years, he had long admired the way cruise companies like Al and Chuck had helped travelers like him feel welcome and comfortable while traveling. After making his deposit with one of the cruise companies, he realized that the vacation could become a reality after all. “I had always wanted to see the Mayans,” says Brunelle.

The cruise line, which has been around since 1988, began as a summer program for the Boys and Girls Club at Boys Ranch in Colorado Springs, CO, and was named after the late Gaylord Bruce Barry, the program’s founder. Al and Chuck began offering a variety of activities for kids on their trips to the Mayan ruins; for instance, they built a sand castle complete with slides, obstacle courses, slides for kids with special needs, and other fun activities. While the trips were centered primarily on educational and fun, gay couples were allowed to be discreetly present on each trip, as well.

In recent years, Al and Chuck Travel has expanded its offerings to include adventure vacations for children and adults. They offer Caribbean cruise packages, Caribbean cruising packages, and cruises through Europe and Alaska. If you’re looking for a truly unique vacation experience, you might want to consider a trip with one of the Al and Chuck travel companies.

The travel company has a number of gay-friendly cruises available. Among them are Caribbean cruising packages that include everything from a bottle of champagne to full-length entertainment on board. If you’ve ever been on a cruise with gay couples, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of being welcomed aboard. As a gay couple, you can experience the same luxury aboard these cruises, with gay-only showers and spas, and all of the same activities that go along with it.

However, you’ll have to search a bit harder to find an Al and Chuck travel vacation package for gay couples. They offer packages exclusively for gay couples, and many travelers prefer this route because Al and Chuck’s itineraries are generally more suited to travel with fellow travelers.

“Jerry Barry’s leadership style, his openness and his commitment to gay travelers are something that has resonated with people in a big way,” says one woman who travels with the company every year. “He never shies away from helping people who need it most and is genuinely concerned about their needs.”

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