Criminal Case Travel in Time


Criminal Case: Travel In Time is an application designed specifically to help people investigate their favorite crimes. Play a group game of detective with your friends to become the ultimate investigator. Check samples, test facts and analyze evidence to uncover clues to solve crimes.

Interrogate suspects and witnesses to get the most out of forensic evidence. Work on iPod and iPhone 3G and above and even on iPads. You will find a list of all items you have found and what you need in each area in the “Resources” area. You can even choose how long you want to play and what level you want to play at.

Some criminal cases can be solved by visiting certain places to look for clues, while other crimes require the assistance of a forensic expert who must work around clues and evidence to come up with the right conclusion. Your choices and your strategy are limited only by your own imagination and skills. The level of difficulty can also vary based on the type of crime you are investigating and the method you are using.

When playing Case: Travel In Time you should remember to check your e-mails and notifications while you are on the go. Also, ensure that your e-mail and cell phone battery are fully charged and ready for use. You can choose from the “Settings” option to turn off the GPS.

If you are using your cell phone to navigate, you should consider turning this feature off. GPS will keep track of your location but it will not save your route if your phone is turned off while in transit. This feature is a little different from other GPS devices so make sure to read the instruction manual before you do so.

This game is very easy to understand and offers many options that will appeal to everyone. The graphics are crisp and detailed and the levels are challenging. You will love solving mysteries and the feeling of accomplishment you will get when you solve a crime and put a suspect behind bars. The game is available for free as well as a trial version.

As a detective you may use this game as an opportunity to practice some sleuthing skills or to see if you have the right abilities and training. You can also try a number of cases to find out if you have the ability to solve them. and learn new techniques to use in your investigation and your cases.

While this is a detective-type game, you will also develop your investigative skills. and develop your ability to find and analyze facts and clues. to solve mysteries and put a suspect behind bars.

There is nothing that will give you a better sense of achievement than accomplishing a case and putting a suspect behind bars and proving a criminal. guilty. So give the game a try and be a detective in the courtroom.

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